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Matching app providers with mobile operators

A zero-rating toolkit to enable partnerships between application providers and mobile operators in the presence of net neutrality.



Onboard apps in your zero-rating programs with minimal BD and IT overhead

Comply with EU net neutrality guidelines for zero-rating

Partner with a growing number of top-tier application providers

Extend partnerships through co-marketing and subscription bundling

App Provider


Drive international growth and engagement through telco partnerships (zero rating, co-marketing, subscription bundling)

One-click apply to 100+ zero-rating  programs in Europe, LATAM, and APAC

Evaluate impact of telco partnerships and mobile data on user acquisition and engagement through telco-focused analytics



Monitor zero-rating programs in your country and worldwide

Use real data to evaluate commercial practices, create reports, and initiate related audits with operators

Engage with new technologies and services that will form the net neutrality landscape on zero-rating, 5G and beyond.




A global directory for zero-rating programs and participating mobile apps 


One-click application for app providers to available zero-rating programs


A full-stack telco solution to onboard, test, and integrate mobile apps in zero-rating programs 


Per-region / per-country analytics to monitor and audit regulatory compliance

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AJ Cihla, Director of International Growth

Working with mobile operators is important to boost our brand coverage and launch win-win partnerships that eventually benefit users. Yiannis and the Selfie team help us navigate the complex telco ecosystem and works across the board to meet multiple KPIs on zero rating and beyond.


Dave Macli, CEO & Co-Founder

Zero rating is critical yet hard for any music service; at the end, we want to compete fairly with other music apps that already participate in such zero rating plans and help our users listen to their favorite artists while on the go. Working with Selfie allowed us to quickly join certain zero rating plans in Europe, and we expect to expand this significantly over the next few months.

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Juan Velez, CEO VM Mexico and Colombia

We try hard to delight our users, and digital benefits like zero-rating and premium subscription giveaways have been critical to do this. Working with Selfie Networks allowed us to quickly partner with a world leading dating application, better understand the impact of such partnerships on our users and partners, and we are looking forward to similar initiatives.

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